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Sproutisode #3: 3 Predictions for Industrial Marketers in 2018 [Grow Live Episode 21]

Posted on Dec 20, 2017 by in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Matt Johnson is on a solo mission today to share his predictions for 2018 and what they mean for industrial suppliers and distributors. Listen in to his reasons about why it’s important to adapt to the changing world of sales. And how to do it without losing the integrity of your legacy salespeople.


Join the podcast now and hear more about:


  • Sales enablement processes and technology to help you compete
  • Fighting back against Amazon with better user experiences
  • Diversifying your marketing spend for the most reach
  • Adapting to the changing buyer’s journey
  • Why modern CRM’s are a freedom inducing solution to achieving more


“Mobile devices are equivalent to the TV of the 60s and people are glued to them,”Matt Johnson, CMO and Managing Partner Safety Marketing Services


Matt is throwing down another challenge. Before 2017 draws to an end, sit down with your head of sales, head of marketing and your leadership team. Brainstorm how you plan on adapting to the changing buyer’s journey.  Are you ready to grow?


Don’t forget to come back for a special Grow Live episode when our team shares our funnies, our mistakes and our learning experiences with you! And if you need a little help with your marketing plan for 2018 and beyond, just click here to schedule a consultation.


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