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Sprout-isode #2: 8 Non-Techie SEO Tips for 2018 in 18 Minutes or Less [Grow Live Episode 20]

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Grow Live: 8 Non-Techie Tips for SEO Wins in 2018 [Sprout-isode 2]


This week on Grow Live, Renia Carsillo from Safety Marketing Services hosts the show all by herself…Matt’s busy holiday shopping. What’s up with that?


Let’s show her a little love and listen in on this week’s podcast. Today’s show breaks down some of the complicated technical SEO stuff into easy, actionable tips that non-techie marketing managers can use for 2018.


Join the podcasts now and hear more about:


  • Understanding RankBrain, click-through rate and dwell time
  • Customizing your pages metadata
  • How to capitalize on longer meta descriptions
  • Why you need to ditch short blogs and focus on long-form content
  • Understanding LSI cluster structures
  • Testing your mobile experience
  • Creating epic FAQs
  • Why you have to be bold about link building!


“The more you know, the better you’ll rank,” —Renia Carsillo, Director of Digital Strategy


Check out these additional resources:




That might sound like a lot of information. Don’t worry! Renia breaks it down into easy-to-understand nuggets of SEO gold that you can use today! The important thing to remember is that you don’t have to do this all at once. Start small. Choose one thing a month and do it well. Just make sure to get started soon if you wanted to win in 2018!


Press play if you’re ready to join the conversation!

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