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How to Create a Strategic Marketing Plan for 2018  [Grow Live Episode 14]

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Have you begun thinking about next year’s marketing plans?

It’s that time of year! The holidays are upon us and everyone is excited about a prosperous new year. Have you started conceptualizing your strategic marketing plan? Do you know what your company’s objectives are? Now is the time to have those conversations and align your goals for a successful and profitable 2018.


Join the podcast now and hear more about:

  • Why bringing in outside help can facilitate difficult conversations
  • How to align your company’s objectives with your marketing plans
  • Why company revenue goals are often the best place to start
  • Choosing the right levers to pull for short and long-term goals
  • Why simple and SMART goals drive success


“Choose 3-5 priorities per year at most,”—Renia Carsillo, Director of Digital Strategy at Safety Marketing Services.

For more help creating your own marketing strategies check out this helpful link:

SMS Industrial Marketing 101

If you’re ready to grow, there’s no better time than now. Check out this week’s Grow Live show for tips you can use to make next year’s marketing campaign a success. And, if you are craving even more helpful advice just check out our blogs.


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