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The Grow Live Experiment: Meeting the needs of consumers  [Episode 12]

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So, what is the key to reaching consumers

Ten years ago, the answer to this question would have looked very different than it does today. Television ads have been replaced by the less intrusive methods of content marketing across a myriad of platforms. What is the best platform for you? Today, Matt Johnson is joined by Digital Producer, Lief Thomason as they discuss media formats and the changing needs of the industrial consumer.

Join the podcast now and hear more about:

  • Why you should use social marketing for influencer marketing
  • The importance of experimenting with your marketing efforts
  • How to maximize the reach of your content in the most efficient way possible
  • Providing equal opportunity learning across multiple channels
  • How written, audio and video content can work together

“Don’t just one it and done it,” Lief Thomason, Digital Producer at Safety Marketing Services.

Check out this week’s Grow Live show for tips you can use to make your next campaign a success. You can also find a wealth of information for the industrial marketer on our resource page. And don’t forget to check out Episode 6 Grow Live: Advice from behind the camera for more tips from Lief!

Press play if you’re ready to join the conversation!

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