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How to effectively communicate with your graphic designer

Posted on Sep 21, 2017 by in Design | 0 comments

Do you want more than a pretty graphic? Do you want results?

Grow Live is back and they’re talking about ways to improve your relationship with your graphic designer.  Join Safety Marketing Services as they dive into the real reasons why marketing managers and graphic designers often fail to see eye-to-eye. Learn tips on how to effectively communicate your needs with your in-house or freelance graphic designer.

Join the podcast now and hear more about:

  • How important your persona story is to design
  • How brand guidelines and context can transform graphics
  • How to communicate your graphic needs to freelancers
  • Why content, time and trust matter in any design
  • The common misconceptions about graphic designers

“The amount of time dictates the amount of awesome you get from a designer,”—Luke Kenny, Senior Marketing Designer.

Many marketing managers struggle with communicating effectively with their graphic designers. Listen in now as the SMS team discusses those challenges, how to overcome common misconceptions and produce amazing content together.

Press play if you’re ready to join the conversation!

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