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Nerd Talk: How to stop leaks in your conversion funnel

Posted on Sep 15, 2017 by in Marketing, Sales | 0 comments

Do you want to know how to make your marketing results skyrocket?

Grow Live is back and they’re talking conversion! You’ve done all the work and you just aren’t getting results. Want a few pointers? Join Safety Marketing Service as they get nerdy with statistics. Renia Carsillo and Will Polliard discuss a few simple tactics that can improve your conversion rates.

Join the podcast now and hear more about:

  • Setting up SMART email lists
  • Why you need to learn to fall in love with statistics
  • How to evaluate delivery, open and click-through rates
  • How to use “the fold” to your benefit
  • The importance of going analog with your communication

“There are two kinds of paths,” said Renia Carsillo. “The easy path and the best path.”

Are you ready to elevate your marketing efforts?  Do you want some helpful tips on how to optimize your marketing campaigns?  It’s time to take the road less traveled and start marketing the smart way. Press play if you’re ready to join the conversation!

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